Self-Care Like A Mother

With the holidays fast approaching, and so much outward focus, we ladies tend to let our self-care go down the drain. I beg you… DON’T DO THAT THIS SEASON!

Let’s break the pattern and, hell, maybe even up the self-care so we can be the best versions of ourselves for our families and friends. Below are 5 ways you can be sure to get the charge you need to keep on truckin’ through the holidays.



Go in the bathroom. Lock the door. Fill the tub with hot water. Add Epsom salts or maybe if you’re deserving of an extra special soak (yes, you are) plop in a bath bomb from LUSH. Climb in and rest your overworked brain and body. No multitasking allowed. Don’t even think about bringing your phone in there. You’ll thank me later.



Ironically, there aren’t many places you can go for an hour of peace, breath, and introspection, yet there seems to be a studio on every corner. Just pick one and go! Not a single person is looking at you or judging your asana.


Tension in your neck and shoulders from hand addressing all those holiday cards? Sneak off for a lunch break shoulder rub! You don’t have to break the bank or spend an entire hour. Many massage therapists offer an express, 30 min relaxer. Go for it!



Yep, you read that right. No shame here, ladies. The big “O” the perfect prescription for fighting stress. It’ll also optimize your relaxation, and help you get a good nights’ sleep. Intimacy is awesome, but flying solo is sometimes necessary. “Damn, I regret having that orgasm,” said no woman, ever.


Do you know that women need more sleep than men? According to the National Sleep Foundation, we toggle more throughout the day, which requires our brains to need more rest. Put your damn phone in airplane mode. Pour a cup of Sleepytime Tea and tuck yourself in bed early. Wind down with a book or a guided meditation.

Take care of yourselves, ladies! Your people will thank you.