How lucky are we that we live in the #1 CITY IN THE WORLD which just happens to be RIGHT AT THE BEACH? I've had several people ask me for recommendations of what to do, and where to eat, when visiting the Holy City. Read on for my Top 10 Recommendations.

1. EXPLORE A TIDEPOOL. Check the tides, and hit the beach (IOP or Sullivan's Island) when low tide is approaching. Little pockets and pools of sea life will be within your reach. Hermit crabs by the dozens, sea stars, stingray egg casings, sand dollars, and shells galore!


2. VENTURE TO JOHN'S ISLAND. Take a trip back in time as you move off the beaten path and into the true lowcountry. Sweeping live oaks line the streets for perfect Sunday Driving. Head to Fat Hen for brunch and request a table at "The Coop." Trust me; you won't regret it. After brunch, scoot over to Angel Oak. Pictures don't do her justice. She will #humble you.


3. GET OUT ON A BOAT. Hop on a charter, an SUP, a Kayak, or a Ferry. Seeing downtown Charleston from the H2O is gorgeous. Enjoy our breathtaking harbor, or sneak up a creek for a serene afternoon.


4. TAKE A CARRIAGE RIDE. Make reservations ahead of time to tour historic Charleston via carriage. Our streets and structures ooze Civil War history, ghost stories, and deep tradition. Take it all in.


5. VISIT A PLANTATION. The drive along Ashley River Road that leads you to Magnolia Gardens is enough to lure you in. While it’s my favorite (because of the peacocks and the available house tour), there are many others to choose from.


6. TOUR THE DOCK STREET THEATRE. What used to be an Antebellum Hotel became America's 1st theatre. Rich in history and entertainment, the Dock Street does not disappoint. If you can, see a show, if not, it's worth the tour anyway!


7. SWIM IN THE PINEAPPLE FOUNTAIN. There are two fountains in Charleston's Waterfront Park that host many a summer swim. Bring your towel and cool off in these fun water features!


8. VISIT PATRIOTS POINT. Most tourists are drawn to the Yorktown, a gigantic aircraft carrier, but I suggest take the time to veer off and go explore the submarine on the property instead. It’s muggy AF down there in the summer, but such a cool experience!


9. EXPLORE CHARLES TOWNE LANDING. This State Historic Site is fun for the entire family. Bring your bikes or take a walk through this wonderful landmark. Enjoy 80 acres of gardens, a zoo, and hop aboard a replica of a sailing ship! You will be entertained for hours!  


10. GO OUT TO DINNER. This is always the hardest question to answer, as we have a zillion options for delicious food! Want… Oysters? The Ordinary. French? Chez Nous. Local/Homegrown? F.I.G. Fresh Fish? Red Drum. Steak? Langdons. BBQ? Home Team. Mexican? Minero. Pizza? Monza.  

I hope you enjoy visiting our glorious little city. ;-)

Natalie Scheider