Meal Prep 101


The first step in successful meal prep is to have all your food items at your fingertips, washed and ready, before you begin. This can be daunting to some, as it's hard to carve out time for a weeks’ worth of shopping at the grocery store.

Wouldn't you LOVE it if you could get your shopping completed in 15 minutes?


I promise, if you stick to this plan, the next time you shop, it will be the last time you spend an hour or more packing your pantry.

Online shopping is a GAME CHANGER!


There are a tremendous amount of stores that offer this service. I use Harris Teeter, and for $4.95 (yes, under five dollars) one of their lovely employees will shop for me! Gasp!

  • Grab your laptop & sit down in your kitchen.

  • Pick your favorite grocery store and google that bad boy.

  • Set up an account, either for delivery or pick-up.

  • Start building your order.

You get to skip the list all together. I move around my kitchen while I'm shopping. Starting with the fruit bowl, I make my way around the perimeter.

Fruit needed? Spices? Fridge items? Pantry? Coffee Station?

When your list is complete, you get the added bonus of selecting a delivery or pick-up time that best suits your budget and your schedule.


(as if it needed any additional perks)

  • You can shop in your PJ's

  • Next time you're able to SHOP FROM YOUR PREVIOUS ORDER! (mind blown) This is where 15 minutes is plenty of time to compile your order. You simply scroll, and click. Boom. Done. Amazeballs.

  • You don't buy anything you don't need, and therefore actually save $$$. No more frivolous items.

Give it a shot, and let me know how it worked out for you!

Natalie Scheider