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The Story

If you share our passion for food, health, travel, or adventure, you’ll fit right in. Here we speak the truth. Whether the topic is Orgasms or How to Dice an Onion, you’ll love our tutorials and discussions. Each week we throw down a new topic to keep things fresh!

We are a band of badasses! Join our community. Like a Mother frequently shines the light on women that are killing it in their field. You deserve to be recognized! Whether your jam is photography, yoga, travel, or food blogging, we want to celebrate you.

Natalie Scheider, the HMFIC (if you don’t know, google it) of Like A Mother is a serial entrepreneur and adventure seeker. Midwestern girl by birth, Southern woman by choice. She’s a lover of babies, the mountains, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. She is a flipper of houses and a flipper on trampolines. When she settles down, it’s in Charleston, SC with her two daughters.  Fueled by the salt air, they spend most of their free time time at the beach, kiteboarding, paddleboarding the marshes, or boating.

Like A Mother is all about collaboration, not competition. We are forming a collected force of badass women. If you are a boss babe, or really want to be, join us as we celebrate confident, modern women.

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